Vapcell INR18650

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Vapcell INR18650 3000 mah 20A

Nominal Voltage-3.6V
End of Charge Voltage-4.2V
Typical Capacity-3000 mAh

Do not store batteries in pocket or purse without a battery case or protective sleeve.
Please be aware of proper battery safety before using these batteries. Do not charge over 4.2 volts, or discharge below 3.4 volts. Overcharge, or over discharge can be potentially dangerous.  If ever in question, just store in a safe place until they can be recycled. Never use any battery that is in question as far as safety. Never use any battery that shows signs of damage or defect to the cell, or even the outer insulation commonly referred to as the "wrapper". Some chargers are known to scratch or tear this wrapper when trying to remove the battery. Once this wrapper is damaged, the cell can easily "ground out" and become dangerous during use. Please use caution, and inspect your batteries regularly, as well as the chargers. If in question, simply recycle. 

 For more information, please visit, and educate yourself on battery safety. There is a wealth of information there, so please, take advantage.


These are advanced devices for experienced users. Use at your own risk. Hoosier Vapes is not responsible for damages or injuries due to misuse of products.

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