Kanger E-smart replacement for Nano's

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These hold approximately 1.2 mls, and look really good on our 510 batteries. They are very easy to refill as well. These are 1.8 ohms, so vapor production and throat hit is excellent.  For those that want to maintain performance along with the classy look of the standard kits, these e-smarts will do the trick.

Simply screw off the bottom cap drop some e-liquid in, and screw the bottom cap back on and vape!

NOTE: When filling avoid getting e-liquid in the center tube

 * be careful putting these in your pocket attached to hardware, as they can break. We are also receiving some reviews that they wont work. This is due to the connection post. If the post is pushed too far up, it will not make contact. The post can be wiggled back down to reestablish contact. It doesn't take much. We found this issue when you go from 510 to ego, to spinner, etc. Tolerances of connections between different batteries seem to effect these more than others, since the post is inset higher. These are considered disposables, and cannot be warrantied *

Please Note that High VG Content Ejuice does not wick well in Clearomizers.

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