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1417 E 53rd St
Anderson, IN US

 Hoosier Vapes was founded in February of 2010, and made official in July 2010. We started off small, and built up our product line and customer base from scratch.

We focused a lot on new users and helping guide them from old habits into better, new ones. We understand the e cigs can be very complex.

We continue to try our best to simplify them. Or at least help customers understand the hows and whys behind them. Over the past couple years, we've grown to be the leader in our arena because of this and maintained a strict focus of quality and service. We built our foundation around those principles.

Today, we carry a wide range of top quality products to suit any vaper's needs, as well as offer service that is second to none. If you ever find yourself around central Indiana, feel free to stop by one of our store locations (Anderson or Noblesville) or one of our authorized retailer locations and see for yourself.

We look forward to many more exciting years to come as the market grows and more and more users stepping into a better way to satisfy old habits. We are thankful to be able to be here at this time and place as the winds of change blow in a bright new direction for us all.
 The Hoosier Vapes team.


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